The 12 Most Beautiful Places in Canada You Need to Visit

Canada’s reputation as a maple-scented land of sorrys has never done it justice. The world’s second-largest country may not boast the geographical diversity of the United States, but it lacks none of the majesty. The Rockies get only more spectacular north of the 49th parallel; the temperate Pacific rainforests of British Columbia boggle the mind; the interior prairies are dotted with geological oddities; and the Arctic opens up as the literal roof of the world, carved across eons by mountainous glaciers. Basically imagine everything that makes Alaska so epic and multiply it across a country six times larger. And unless you’re reading this from Hawaii, it’s possible to drive there.

Maybe the only reason you don’t know more of the sites on this list: Canadians are terrible at bragging. So, here, let the pictures do it for them.

Abraham Lake
Western Brook Pond
Bay of Fundy
Maurizio De Mattei/Shutter
Jasper National Park
West Coast Scapes/Thrillist
Keith levit/shutterstock
Cavendish Beach
Verena Matthew/Shutterstock
Banff National Park
Aleksei Potov/Shutterstock
Dempster Highway
Castle Butte
Montmorency Falls
Songquan Deng/Shutterstock
Capilano Suspension Bridge
Flickr/Simon Morris
Auyuittuq National Park
Flickr/Doc Searls

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